Why Use Me

I am an Information Security, Risk and Governance Specialist.

Heavily involved in information security and risk solutions for the last 17 years in the UK, US and throughout Europe. Extensive experience in Enterprise Risk and Security, from a deep technical grounding in application, network and platform security, as well as over 12 years working with global and UK banking clients, government departments, energy, telecoms and other organisations, helping them identify, evaluate and mitigate information risks from a business and governance perspective.

Key roles in integration programmes, aligning security policies and business risk appetites across divisions in order to provide pragmatic security solutions, including global attack & penetration engagements, privacy and security assessments, incident response, fraud and forensic investigations, risk frameworks and security development pathways.

Community Roles

I am enthusiastic about leading industry in security improvement - and my current roles help me provide guidance to the community:

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