Presentations and Publications

27 May 2018
ISACA Leadership Conference - working together with other professional organisations

10 May 2018
41 Club - security awareness presentation

27 April 2018
Co-Hosted our second B-Sides Scotland. This year in Glasgow. It was Pure Dead Brilliant!

1 March 2018
Moved from RBS to take up the position of Head of Technology & Cyber Risk for HSBC

9 December 2017
Christmas Lecture series for Scottish Schools - careers in Cyber security, or, I always wanted to be a rock star, so what went so wrong?

1 December 2017
Presentation to the Risk Minds conference in Amsterdam

29 November 2017
Building Effective Security Teams - presentation to Heads of Security from countries across Europe and beyond.

20 November 2017
Napier University - infosec careers in the private sector

26 July 2017
CSX Training - introduction

26 April 2017
Co-Founded B-Sides Scotland, with our inaugural event in Edinburgh. A very successful mix of senior security management, technical teams and students.

15 January 2017
ISACA - Security in Project and Programme Management

16 September 2016
ISF - Managing Security in a Regulated Environment

23 February 2016
Technology Risk Management within Cyberspace

1 March 2013
Took on a longer term role as Head of Information Security Risk Oversight for RBS, creating a team within Operational Risk specifically focused on Information- and Cyber Security.

6 March 2012
COSLA - Data Security in the Cyber World

15 February 2012
CIIA - Technology as a business enabler - Understanding the risks

12 July 2011
Security Stack Exchange graduated from beta today! As co-moderator I'm very proud. As a community we have collected some experienced individuals who are helping to pass on their wealth of knowledge to others.

1 July - 3 July 2011
 As part of team 8485 80085 I took part in the 2011 Whitehat Rally, raising money for Childline. We won - raising the most money as a team! See my Security Stack Exchange blog post on it here. We still want to raise more, so sponsor us through VirginMoneyGiving!
8 June - 10 June 2011
Attended AppSecEU in Dublin - an excellent opportunity to network, learn, teach and contribute to the security community.

20 June 2011
Presented at the Scotland & Northern Ireland Centre for Security and Cybercrime Symposium at Edinburgh's Napier University on 20th June 2011

2018 ACCA - Disruptive technology
2018 Computer Weekly - Attacker Dwell Time implications
2018 Computer Weekly - Automation
2018 Computer Weekly - Messaging App Security
2007 Financial Times - Home working